Our main mission is to create a space to increase the amount of online visibility of pets that are up for adoption or fostering & looking for a permanent home. 

KLYGO is a very intuitive app. Users can
upload a post in less than a minute.

Quick and easy!

Users looking to adopt a pet, can contact the advertiser
via our integrated chat. Here, you can discuss
next steps and ask any questions you may have.

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Who can post on KLYGO?


Klygo app allows personal individuals, shelters & rescue centres to publish their pets up for adoption.​


All posts will be checked internally before being officially published on the app.


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Help raise awareness and give a second chance to pets in need of a forever home!

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Search Filters

Use our easy to use filtered dropdown list to filter pets by their location,age and distance from you


See pets that are nearby and contact the owner directly

Integrated Chat

Ask any questions you may have to other users about their pets up for adoption and receive a prompt response


Users can see pets' high quality images, directly in our app


The app if very user friendly and it is a great initiative to help foster animals get rehomed and gain more visibility online

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